The timetable includes Worcester activities on Mondays. What is this?

They are practical language exercises where you work in a small team to follow directions around the city. Along the way you have to find the answers to questions. We have a number of different routes & questions allowing us to use the exercise on different days.

What are the weekly awards?

This is when we acknowledge the achievements of different students. We could give an award for the “Friendliest Student of the Week”, “Most Helpful Student of the Week” or “The Hardest Working Student of the Week”. But there are sure to be some humorous categories like “The Muddiest Student of the Week” (after we’ve been to Top Barn) or “The Student Most Likely to Capsize a Raft” (after our raft-building day). We’ll see what everyone gets up to.

What is Laser Quest?

This is an indoor laser-tag game based around infrared hand held units and vests. The activity takes place in a large area filled with theatrical smoke and strobe lights and places to hide. The idea is to hide from your opponents and not get hit at the same time as trying to hit them. Don’t worry – nobody gets hurt!

I’ve never been ice skating before. How will I cope?

Well you might fall over a bit whilst you’re learning but you will also have a lot of fun! We know that the students who have skated before will help those who haven’t. And if none of the group has skated before, everyone will have to hang on to the side!

What sport options are available?

There are quite a few sport options, depending on what you are interested in doing, and depending on the British weather! This year we are planning sport activities which are both fun and easy for everyone to join in – hill walking, swimming and cycling. The purpose is to get some physical exercise away from the classroom and to keep using your English! During break times at school you will be able to play football and other similar games if you wish. Our Summer School Assistants will organise the sports afternoons according to conditions on the day.