How much money will I need?

Everything is included in the course fees except your personal spending money. Unless you intend to do a lot of shopping, £10 per day should be plenty.

What is a typical lunch like in the school canteen?

On alternate days you will have a choice of a snack meal (eg pizza/sausage + chips) or a more traditional main meal (eg pasta or curry and rice) served with fresh vegetables &/or salad. Then you can choose one of the following: ice-cream, fresh fruit, yoghurt or hot pudding and custard.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

English weather is unpredictable so we advise you to bring clothes suitable for our summer temperatures (average 20 degrees C) but make sure you have something for cooler temperatures and rain. Remember to bring clothes and shoes suitable for sports as well as a swimming costume. Some activities will involve walking a considerable distance so strong, flat shoes are essential unless you want blisters!